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Zig & Surface Fishing

Devastating method during the warm and sunny days, get many more baits with most succesuful black and yellow colours. Guaranteed the best service and shopping experience with Angling4Less.

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ESP Surface Missile

Available in 10g, 30g, 50g & 70g sizes. These in-line controllers have optimum length stems, an aerodynamic profile and provide accurate, tangle-free casting from short to extreme range with no oscillation in flight and minimal disturbance on splashdown.


ESP Syncro Surface XT 250m

Available on 250m spools in 10lb (0.28mm), 12lb (0.30mm), 14lb (0.32mm)


Trakker Zig Foam

Whether you're a seasoned angler or a beginner, our Zig Foam will elevate your Zig Rig game to new heights. Experience the power of Zig Fishing with our high-quality, durable Zig Foam.


Trakker Zig Riggers

The Hooklink Clinga features a secure attachment mechanism, providing confidence and stability during those crucial moments


Trakker Zig Link

With Zig Link's specialized design, you'll enjoy enhanced sensitivity, improved presentation, and increased strike detection.


LiquiRigs Liquid Zig Foam

Our pre cut zig foam is sized perfectly to fit the zig cap


LiquiRigs Liquid Zig Aligner Caps

Each pack contains: 4 x Zig Aligna Caps, 4 x Large pieces of matching colour foam


LiquiRigs Liquid Booster Cylinders

Each Pack comes with 4 of your chosen colour and 2 clear cylinders per pack 6 Total


LiquiRigs Liquid Zig Full System

Never has it been easier to simply plug and play with your zigs, change colours of foam or cylinders in an instant to get that all important bite.


Korda Zig Box


Includes 4 Zig foam spools


Korda Interceptor Controller Float

5g,15g,30g,50g or 80g


Korda Zig Float

Medium or Large


Korda Zig Magnet


1 per pack

Min: £2.00 Max: £15.00
£2 £15