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For more than 30 years, Charleston, SC-based Z-Man Fishing Products has prided itself on bringing technology to anglers. Since perfecting the coloration and mass production of silicone skirting in the 1980s, Z-Man has long been one of the industry's largest suppliers of silicone skirt material, but until recently the Z-Man name was unknown to many fishermen. Today, Z-Man's cutting edge 10X Tough ElaZtech® soft plastics and ChatterBait® brand bladed jigs are among the world's premier fresh- and saltwater baits, positioning the company as one of the fastest-growing lure brands in the US! Z-Man operated primarily behind the scenes as one of the largest lure component suppliers until 2006, when the ChatterBait burst onto the bass fishing scene. Following several tremendous tournament successes, the ChatterBait became one of the industry's most highly-sought-after lures—virtually overnight. As the inventor of this revolutionary lure struggled to keep up with increasing demand, Z-Man became involved in the manufacturing and distribution of all ChatterBait brand products. Today, Z-Man holds three patents on the bladed swim jig design of the Original ChatterBait and has expanded its ChatterBait line to include baits that are extremely effective on a wide range of species, ranging from panfish to saltwater game fish, and everything in between. Around that same time, Z-Man was perfecting the formulation for its 10X Tough ElaZtech® soft plastic material. Z-Man's proprietary formula creates a material that is remarkably soft and pliable, yet resists nicks, cuts, and tears better than other soft baits. ElaZtech is as much as 10X Tougher than other traditional soft plastic fishing baits, and that means no more piles of torn-up plastic fishing lures in the bottom of your boat at the end of the day! Manufactured entirely at our facility in South Carolina, this unique material is also naturally buoyant and floats up off the bottom, creating a more visible, lifelike, and attractive target to game fish. And unlike most other soft plastic baits, ElaZtech contains no PVC, plastisol or phthalates, and is non-toxic. Z-Man now offers a complete lineup of fresh- and saltwater baits that outperform and outlast any other soft baits on the market, along with a wide variety of jigheads, skirted jigs, and accessories that round out its diverse product line. Today, there are few fishermen who don't recognize the Z-Man brand, and word of the durability and lifelike action of ElaZtech is spreading like wildfire around the world. Z-Man continues to work with leading B.A.S.S. Elite and FLW Tour anglers and saltwater pros to develop the most innovative and eye-catching soft plastics on the market, and its ChatterBait bladed jigs continue to win more money on tournament trails today than any other lure. Start using Z-Man Fishing Products today and see for yourself why Z-Man is among the fastest-growing lure brands worldwide!

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Z-Man Rattle Snaker Kit with Rattles


The Z-Man Rattle-Snaker Kit is one of the most exciting fishing tools to come along in recent memory! The Rattle-Snaker tool is a convenient and efficient way to attach rattles or weights to soft plastic fishing lures.


Z-MAN ChatterSpike 4.5 inch Lures

Z-MAN ChatterSpike 4.5 inch has been designed to refresh your favourite bladed jigs and spinnerbaits with lively, seductive motion. Unlike other trailers that can overpower and minimize blade-driven vibration, the ChatterSpike’s pintail baitfish profile comes alive and quivers enticingly when paired with ChatterBait bladed jigs.


Z-Man Baby BallerZ 2" Lures

Z-MAN BallerZ 2 inch has been sized and shaped to match baby shad and other micro hunters, the Baby BallerZ™ is powered by a hydrodynamic, pyramidal tail section that responds to the slightest rod movement. Ball tail shimmies and undulates on the fall, or creates a subtle swimming action on straight, slow retrieves.


Z-MAN Finesse Micro Goat 1.75inch Lures

Z-MAN Micro Finesse Micro Goat 1.75inch is a wonderfully versatile micro-catching profile, the Micro GOAT™ sprouts fine, flattened dual kicker legs, finished with and water-catching curved paddle tails that tirelessly pulse and swim at any retrieve speed, including during the drop.


Z-MAN Gobius 3 inch 10.6g Lure

Z-MAN Gobius 3 inch 10.6g is accurately mimicking the body shape and detail of a real goby, the Gobius swimbait is poured from impossibly soft yet durable ElaZtech® superplastic material, producing maximum underwater movement and longevity.


Z-Man TRD GobyZ 2.4"

Ready to roll out on your favourite spots! The Z-MAN TRD GobyZ comes in ten optimized color patterns for swimming or bottom-dragging presentations.


Z-Man Micro Finesse StingerZ

An exclusive Z-Man bait shape, the 2-inch StingerZ features a unique segmented, straight tail shad profile. A thick, shad/baby panfish body sculpt features a convenient hook slot for easy rigging.


Z-Man Micro Finesse ShroomZ

Micro NED Jig Heads 5 Per Pack


Z-Man Finesse ShadZ 4"

8pcs per Pack


Z-Man Finesse TRD 2.75"

Specially designed for increasingly popular Midwest finesse technique, aka the Ned Rig