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Anoter must in every anglers equipment - choose from manufactures like Vass, Fox, Nash or Trakker. Guaranteed the best service and shopping experience with Angling4Less.

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Vass Wader Repair Glue - Stormsure


Stormsure Flexible Repair 5g tubes – With a flexible and wear-resistant adhesive, you can bond almost anything with Stormsure Flexible Repair. You can use it to bond natural fibers, leather, rubber, and most synthetic materials. It is best suited for adhesives that need to achieve water or air tightness. The glue doesn’t harden in an instant, so you don’t have to rush into gluing. The adhesive is very strong after drying.


Vass Wader Repair Kit inc patches


Accidents do happen so it’s good to know there is a Wader repair kit available. The kit patches are made from genuine Vass-Tex materials suitable for repairing your Vass waders.


Avid 420D Camo Chest Waders

420D Avid Camo heavy-duty fabric with Super Comfortable boot


Vass VA735 Hybrid Chest Waders Dark Camo

A bringing together of the Vass E-Boot fused to a tough Vass Tex 700 lower and lightweight flexible 350 upper. The camo edition also features the VRLR Vass Reduced Light Reflection stealth finish


Vass 650 Series Chest Wader

Vass Vass-Tex 650 Series Chest Fishing Wader, The Vass-Tex 650 series range offers a very high quality wader at fantastic value for money

£74.98 £62.98

Aqua DPM Wader Bag



Korda Compac Wader Cover / Bag


Fits all sizes


Vass - Tex 405 Camo Lightweight Chest Wader

The new Vass-Tex 405E ‘lightweight’ Camouflage chest wader will supersede the popular Vass-Tex 355E lightweight wader.

£119.99 £94.99

Vass - Tex 400 E Lightweight Chest Wader

Vass-Tex 400E ‘Lightweight’ Chest Wader As part of Vass’s constant development, Vass are pleased to introduce the new Vass-Tex 400 ‘lightweight’ chest wader which supersedes the popular Vass-Tex 350 wader.

£98.99 £89.99

Vass Hybrid 700 (735) Chest Wader

Vass are pleased to introduce the new ‘VassHybrid700’ chest fishing wader! Combining the Tough Vass-Tex 700 material on the lower section with the lightweight Vass-Tex 350 material upper to reduce weight and increase flexibility. This combination offers anglers the best of both worlds without compromise!

£124.98 £109.99

Vass Khaki Green Waders Storage Bag

VG490-80 GREEN

Vass are pleased to confirm the launch of the new ‘Vass Wader Bag’. These bags offer a great & compact way to carry your waders whilst ensuring that the dirt from your waders doesn’t affect your other kit or car boot!


Fox R-Series Boot Wader Bag


Perfect storage/carrying solution for boots or waders


Fox Lightweight camo waders

Available in sizes 7(41)-12(46)

£84.99 £69.99