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Rig Tools

Collection of every possible tool you may need to prepare your rig - chod and striper tools, cripms or scissors, needles and many more. Guaranteed the best service and shopping experience with Angling4Less.

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Trakker 3-In-1 Puller Tool


The 3-in-1 Puller Tool has been developed from the ground up with the angler in mind. With an extra-strong, full-wire over moulded knot puller, you can safely and securely tighten knots with ease.


One More Cast Rig Ready


The ultimate rig storage transportation system is here. The Rig Ready brings a patented solution that puts an end to so many problems that we face as an angler!


One More Cast The Cool Tool Multi Tool


10 TOOLS all in one cutting edge stainless steel design, giving you a “COOL TOOL” but also no more wasted plastic handles on broken Baiting Tools and Needles.


One More Cast Vitabitz Kickback Crimps

We might be a lttle boring, but we're the core of every rig


Fox Edges Crimp Plyers


The Edges Crimp Pliers have been designed to work specifically with Edges Crimps to create a flared crimp allowing the loop to flow naturally out of the crimp


Korda Mini Krimp Tool or X-Small Krimps

Compatible with all krimp sizes


Nash Bore Tool


Baiting Tool


Ridgemonkey Combi Bait Drill

Drill & Cork or Spare Cork Sticks


Korda Bait Drill

Available in 1mm, 4mm, 6mm or 8mm


Thinking Anglers Corkballs

10mm, 12mm or 13mm


Trakker Multi-Tool


Min: £2.00 Max: £60.00
£2 £60