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Carp Fishing Terminal Tackle - Hooks and Hooklinks, Swivels and Kickers, Rig Tools and Needles, Sleeves and Shrink tube, Leads and Backleads, Mainlines and Leaderes, Safety Kit System and Boilie stops, Zigs and Surface Carp Fishing

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Fox Adaptive Camouflage Soft Steel Mainline

1000m 13lb, 16lb, 18lb, 20lb or 23lb


Fox Camo Drop Off Kits

Drop Off Heli Beads, Drop Off Run Ring or Run Ring


Fox Camotex Fleck Camo Coated Braid Hooklink

Soft, Semi Stiff or Stiff 20lb, 25lb or 35lb


Fox Carp Mono Line

12lb, 15lb, 18lb, 20lb


Fox Edges Camo Anti Tangle Sleeves

Mini, Standard or XL


Fox Edges Camo Lead Clip Kit

Slik, Safety and Power Grip Lead Clip Kit