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Never ending selection of terminal tackle from leader in the industry like Fox, Korda, Nash, ESP and Thinkg Anglers. Guaranteed the best service and shopping experience with Angling4Less.

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Gardner Leadcore Needle with Handle


Fine gauge gate latch needle specifically designed for splicing leadcore and leadfree, but it is also ideal for piercing small, delicate hook baits.


Gardner Hair Needle


The original concept needle but with an improved handle.


Gardner Stringer Needle - Hard Bait


Penetrate the baits other stringer needles cannot cope with!


Gardner Gate Latch Needle


Superb for use with all general carp baits but also great for threading short PVA mesh bags and sticks onto hooklinks.


Gardner Fine Bait Needle


An extra slim, low profile baiting needle. Ideal for use with small soft boilies and particle hook baits.


Gardner Braided Hair Needle


The original ‘braid friendly’ crochet type needle.


Gardner Zig Rig Session Pack

All the essential items you need to create perfect zig rigs in one convenient, excellent value pack.


Gardner Zig Link Clear 100m

A unique hooklink developed specifically for Zig rig and floater fishing.


Gardner Kinetic Spod Braid 35lb 15.9kg 0.30mm


New & improved, the new Kinetic Spod Braid is now thinner (0.30mm), stronger and smoother for even greater performance.

£23.10 £20.99

Gardner Kinetic Marker Braid 25lb 11.3kg 0.28mm


New & improved, the new Kinetic Marker Braid is now thinner (0.28mm), stronger and smoother offering even greater strength and casting performance.

£23.10 £20.99

Gardner Hydro-Sink Braid Mainline

Hydro-Sink is a high strength, fast sinking, low diameter specialist braided main line that’s offers phenomenal strength and amazing durability for a braid.


Gardner HD Floater Clear Line

HD-Floater Line has been specially developed as a specialist floater line as it maintains its buoyancy without requiring any additional treatments to keep it floating.


Gardner Covert Tungsten Ronnie Sleeves HEAVY


These Covert Tungsten ‘Ronnie Sleeves’ are a streamlined sleeve, designed for use with size 12 QC or XT swivels that are used with the popular Ronnie Rig (Spinner) and German Rig.


Gardner Covert Tungsten Chod Silt Beads

These fast sinking Covert Tungsten Chod Beads have been designed for use as a weighted helicopter/chod rig stop bead, setting the movement of the hooklink on the main line or leader. Covert Tungsten Chod Beads are supplied on wire sprigs, for ease of threading them onto your line or leader.


Gardner Covert Mini Rig Swivels Size 12


Rolling swivels are a crucial rig components for making secure connections between hooklink and main line that also helps to manage line twist when playing fish.


Gardner Supa Shrink Tube Camo

This high quality shrink tube is perfect for a wide range of rig applications such as Line-Aligner rigs and similar arrangements that extend the hook shank and help the hook to turn quicker and maximises the hooking efficiency of many rigs.