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Swivels, Links & Rings

Huge collection of all kind and type of swivels for every possible ring and approach - quick change, spinner, flexi, kwik links and many more. Guaranteed the best service and shopping experience with Angling4Less.

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One More Cast Tweakers Dog Bone Ronnie Clip


Do it better, do it smarter! The Tweakers range is all about evolving ideas to improve your performance.


Gardner Covert Mini Rig Swivels Size 12


Rolling swivels are a crucial rig components for making secure connections between hooklink and main line that also helps to manage line twist when playing fish.


Gardner Covert XT Kwik Lok Swivels


XT Kwik Lok Swivels are the perfect quick change component on German rigs that require the swivel to be fixed to the hook through the eye.


Gardner Covert Rig Rings

These Rig Rings are integral to a wide range of advanced rig applications and can be used to mount baits on D-Rigs or slid onto the hook shank.


Gardner Covert Swivel Bait Screws

Gardner Covert Swivel Bait Screws are an awesome alternative to the original Covert Flexi Bait Screws.


Gardner Covert Maggot Clips

Gardner Maggot Clips are the fastest, easiest way of mounting bunches of maggots on a variety of rigs.


Gardner Covert C-lok Swivels


Covert C-Lok Flexi-Ring Swivels are a versatile quick change component that can be incorporated into almost any lead arrangement or used in conjunction with quick change hook rigs.


Gardner Covert Flexi Hook Swivels


Gardner Covert Flexi Hook Swivels have been designed as the perfect component for mounting a hookbait onto the hook shank or mounted onto D-rigs.


Korda Zig Anti Tangle Sleeve


These anti tangle sleeves have been designed specifically for use with our Zig Kits and are perfect for if you are chopping and changing between different hook links.


Korda Kwik Link Extra Small


This really is a multi-purpose link, which allows you to change hook links or leads in the blink of an eye. The shape of the clip makes it very easy to attach and detach things such as leads, swivels or hook link looks, even with cold hands or in the dark.


Korda Micro Rig Swivel Size 20


From bait attachment, to combi-rig construction, the Micro Rig Swivel has a host of rig applications, but this tiny swivel is most widely used sliding on the shank of a hook, forming the blow-back element of many rigs and adding additional movement to the hookbait.


Korda Quick Change Ring Swivel Round Size 11


The QC Ring Swivel Round has been designed with chod rigs in mind, but will work with any other rig incorporating a stiff boom material which has a loop at the end of it.


Korda Quick Change Swivel Size 8


Fits any lead clip or inline lead


Korda Ring Klip


The Ring Klip has been specially designed for the easy attachment of hook links. The unique design allows greater movement thanks to the ring section of the clip.


Korda Chod Swivel


These size-eleven ring swivels have been subtly re-engineered to allow for putty to be securely moulded around the barrel. We’d noticed that most anglers used our size-11 ring swivels when making chod rigs, or the hook section of a hinged stiff rig.


Korda Big Eye Swivel


These swivels have one very large round eye and one normal size one and, as with all our swivels, they come from the best Japanese manufacturers and have our trademark 'anti glint' dull-grey finish.