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Sticky Baits

Since the company was taken over in 2012, Sticky’s rise has been a natural progression. The primary focus has been on harnessing the highest quality ingredients and formulating the best possible baits for the fishing market. Backed by a clear marketing strategy, we have accumulated a strong team of some of the country’s most well-known and successful anglers. The journey started in a small unit of just 4,000 square feet. In recent years, this pushed on 13,000, with it now boasting a capacity of 38,000 square feet. The size of our premises has allowed us to upscale production, with us also now able to buy ingredients in much larger quantities, and whilst our whole bait-making process remains super efficient and smooth. IngredientsThe ethos of Sticky Baits has always been centred around the nutritional benefits of what the products can bring to the fishes’ needs, whether that’s from our range of boilies and natural liquids, or the raw ingredients such as those in our Pure Naturals range. We take huge pride in sourcing directly, the finest ingredients we can lay our hands on. This allows us to choose exactly what we’re looking for, and to then put trust in our products. When moving premises, one of the first plans we had in place was to introduce a temperature-controlled section to the new factory, to ensure that all the ingredients were kept in the best possible condition. With its minimal lighting and extra insulation ensuring that temperatures don’t deviate, this is one of the most impressive sights at our headquarters.The BaitWe have been at the very forefront of bait manufacturing for quite some time, not only in respect of the ingredients we source and use, but also the ethos on which the company was built. If a new bait or bait concept is going to be created, the usual process would involve starting with a price point, before tailoring a choice of ingredients to work alongside it… not at Sticky! When creating a bait, the formula of what makes it a good bait comes before anything else, as does what the bait is going to offer the carp. Only then, do we work out how much it will cost, and produce it for the angling market and consumer. Our number-one priority is to provide the carp with a food source that caters for all their needs. This involves the inclusion of ingredients which may not help you catch more carp, but which will genuinely benefit the carp in some way, shape or form. With some very exciting plans for 2022, we are aiming to push the boundaries once again, in respect of what can be done with bait in order to produce something seriously special. The Active baits have shown what can be achieved when new concepts are created, propelling a bait to what has become one of the best fishmeals of all time, The Krill. Looking to the future, we will continue to work tirelessly behind the scenes, sourcing new and innovative ingredients, and formulating new ideas in an effort to keep us one step ahead.
Over the years, we have been fortunate enough to have had some of the best anglers in the country put our products through their paces. Whilst anglers like Tom Maker specialise on open-access waters, Myles Gibson prefers big wild pits with unknown potential. Each consultant brings something new to the table, and such an array of angling styles and preferences allows all manner of our products to be tested, on a variety of waters, and in a range of scenarios.

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Sticky Baits Pure Fish Liquid


500ml Bottle


Sticky Baits BloodWorm Pellets

2.3mm, 4mm, or 6mm; 900g or 2.5kg bags


Sticky Baits - Signature

Pop ups, Wafters or Bait Spray


Sticky Baits - Signature Squid

Pop ups, Wafters or Bait Spray