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Solar Tackle

Founded in 1987 by Martin Locke, Solar Tackle is one of the longest standing, true original carp fishing brands.
Born out of a need to get on the bank mid week, Martin was working as a metal engineer in the early 1980s, where he produced stainless bankware for his own fishing during his lunch hours. Quickly he had more requests from angling mates to make them some of the same than he could build in his lunch hours.

Having recently joined a busy water Martin needed a way to get on the bank mid week for his best chance at his target fish, and so, on the verge of being sacked anyway due to making too much fishing gear during work hours, Solar Tackle was born.
Starting out in his mum’s garage in Kent, the plan was to fulfill all orders by Sunday so that he could nick a couple of days early in the week on the bank before getting back to work.
From little acorns do giant oak trees grow, as Martin says, and so it has been for Solar Tackle. Over its 30+ year history Solar has been responsible for designing and producing many cult and market-leading products. The Globetrotter, Sod and Worldwide pods, its renowned buzz bars and banksticks, original Monkey Climbers and the Bow Loc landing net through to the current P1 stainless, Titanium and Advanced Rig Gear ranges.
Not stopping at bankware, Martin took Solar in to carp baits in the 1980s as well. Fishing some of the country’s renowned carp waters, including Savay Lake and Redmire Pool, Martin and some of the countries best carp anglers of the day started to develop Solar baits. One of the first was the original red and yellow Savay seed mixes, making Solar one of the first companies to make seed mix baits easily accessible to carp anglers. So successful was the Savay Seed Mix, that it still makes the base for our seed baits to this day.
Sourcing ingredients and developing baits quickly became part and parcel of Solar Tackle and this led to Solar’s best known bait in the Club Mix, which helped Martin land a World Record 92lb mirror in January 2010, has landed numerous country records and countless PBs.
The Solar story continues, and on its 30th anniversary, in 2017, Solar Tackle stepped in to new territory again with a range of high-end bedchairs, chairs, luggage and bivvies under the Solar SP banner.
“At Solar we are anglers that design and build gear for our own fishing,” says Martin. “It’s no secret that this has been the strength of Solar from the start, and remains to this day. We are passionate about what we do, and we believe that our passion comes through in the products that we release for our customers.”

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Solar Tackle Uni Spider Bivvy Peak


The Solar Tackle Uni Spider Bivvy Peak is an innovative and essential addition to your angling equipment, designed to provide unparalleled protection and comfort whilst fishing.

£94.99 £59.99

Solar Pillow

Solar Slimline Pillow or Solar Universal Pillow XL


Solar SP C-Tech Bite Alarm Cover


First class accommodation for your expensive alarms... There’s even a mesh indicator pocket in the draw cord closing, SolarCam shell. Fits snag ears too!

£10.99 £9.99

Solar Tackle SP C-Tech Compact Sofa Chair


Echoing the same ergonomic upholstery as it’s larger brethren, The SP C-Tech Compact Sofa Chair eliminates drafts due to its all-encompassing ‘cup’ design. Embellished by our market leading 3D Duradore Fabric to self ventilate and SolarCam, our bespoke, digital, angling camo.

£159.99 £154.99

Solar Tackle P1 - Weight Lifter Weigh Bar


Introducing our new, dual-use P1 Weigh Bar, designed for life time of heavy lifting. Precision engineered ,featuring an engraved Solar logo and built in the UK, the P1 Weight Lifter is made from 100% stainless steel.

£50.99 £42.99

Solar Tackle Uni Spider Bivvy Mozzie Mesh Front Door


A full, mozzie-mesh, front panel for the Uni Spider bivvies, featuring Solar’s Snap-Loc, magnetic door system. So, when you burst out of your bivvy for a take, the door will close behind you and keep out all those pesky critters.

£66.99 £59.99

Solar Tackle P1 Loc-Down Adaptor & Buzz Bar Blanking Cap


Produced by popular demand this little kit provides a P1 stainless steel Loc-Down adaptor, which can be fitted to the thread of a buzz bar when used on a rod pod or goal-post-style set up.

£10.49 £9.99

Solar Tackle SP C-Tech Sofa Chair


The first thing you’ll notice about Solar’s SP C-Tech Sofa Chair is the brand new SolarCam. A camo pattern that, while delivering the covert qualities of a traditional camo, looks good enough to transcend the bank.

£189.99 £169.99

Solar SW Moon Chair


The Solar SW (South Westerly) Moon Chair comes with luxurious padded upholstery for comfort and warmth. Embelished by the Solar UnderCover Camo pattern, the Moon Chair benefits from the easy fold and unfold frame mechanism that this style of chair is known for.

£94.99 £69.99

Solar Tackle BlackLite Worldwide Pod


Includes 3-Rod Adjustable Buzz Bars Small & Medium

£499.99 £449.99

Solar Tackle Lock & Load End Caps

Precision-made end caps for our new Lock & Load indicator heads.

£5.99 £3.99

Solar South Westerly Pro Uni Spider Groundsheet


The Uni Spider is, quite simply, the best bivvy we could build for you. ‘South Westerly Pro’ means it offers you an ‘entry’ to carp angling’s best new bivvy range on a tighter budget.

£66.99 £56.99

Solar South Westerly Pro Uni Spider Infill Panel


The Uni Spider is, quite simply, the best bivvy we could build for you. ‘South Westerly Pro’ means it offers you an ‘entry’ to carp angling’s best new bivvy range on a tighter budget.

£77.99 £65.99

Solar Uni Spider 1.2m Extended Wrap Green


Compatible with both SP UNI Spider & South Westerly Pro UNI Spider Bivvies

£424.99 £329.99

Solar Uni Spider 0.5m Extended Wrap Green


Compatible with both SP UNI Spider & South Westerly Pro UNI Spider Bivvies

£344.99 £259.99

Solar South Westerly Pro Uni Spider Bivvy Bundle incl Groundsheet and front Infill


Plus, a whole host of accessories are available to tailor your Uni Spider to your fishing.

£589.97 £429.99