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Sleeves, Bits & Tubing

Use latest from brands like Kords, Nash, Ridgemonkey, Trakker to edhance your rig. Guaranteed the best service and shopping experience with Angling4Less.

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Gardner Covert Tungsten Ronnie Sleeves HEAVY


These Covert Tungsten ‘Ronnie Sleeves’ are a streamlined sleeve, designed for use with size 12 QC or XT swivels that are used with the popular Ronnie Rig (Spinner) and German Rig.


Gardner Covert Tungsten Chod Silt Beads

These fast sinking Covert Tungsten Chod Beads have been designed for use as a weighted helicopter/chod rig stop bead, setting the movement of the hooklink on the main line or leader. Covert Tungsten Chod Beads are supplied on wire sprigs, for ease of threading them onto your line or leader.


Gardner Covert Hook Stops

These Hook Stops are designed to be positioned on the hook shank to control the movement of hookbaits when that are mounted on a sliding rig ring or swivel.


Gardner Covert Anti Tangle Sleeves

These 40mm anti tangle sleeves are particularly effective for reducing tangles with longer hooklinks as the length of the sleeve effectively separates the hooklink and mainline during the cast. They are particularly useful when zigging and have also proven popular with specialist anglers fishing with float paternoster rigs.


Korda Silicone Sleeves Weed


These Silicone Sleeves were originally part of our Running Rig Kits and are designed to cover the swivel and wire loop on a lead, but due to demand we started selling them separately.


Korda Tapered Silicone Sleeves

The Tapered Sleeves are perfect for covering various clips - such as the Hooklink Clip, Kwik Link, and Stik Klip – which are used for attaching either your hook link or lead.


Korda Rig Tube

Not only does rig tubing stop the hook link from wrapping around the main line on the cast preventing a tangle, it also stops the fish coming in contact with the line during the fight.


Korda Shockleader Sleeves


The standard, hard plastic, inserts in our inline leads are fine when using them on your main line, but when using any sort of leader you will need a Shockleader Sleeve.


Korda Shock Beads


This has been designed for a multitude of uses. Its unique shape helps to prevent tangles and the cavity at the narrower end will hold a size 8 swivel securely within it.


Korda No-Trace Beads


Each pack contains: 5 x Big Eye Swivels; 5 x Shok Beads, 5 x Kwik Links, and 5 x Silicon Tubing.


Korda Silicone Tube Weed

This is the perfect choice of buffer at the swivel end for any running rig, and not only does it protect the knot but it also helps to reduce tangles significantly.


Korda Run Rig Rubber

This is the perfect choice of buffer at the swivel end for any running rig, and not only does it protect the knot but it also helps to reduce tangles significantly.


Korda Solidz Tail Rubber


These tail rubbers are specifically designed for use with PVA bags and are much longer than our standard Tail Rubber. The extra length of the Solid Bag Tail Rubber allows you to moisten and twist the top of a Solidz PVA bag around it for a neat, secure closure.


Korda Naked Tail Rubber

The perfect product to use when fishing a lead clip “naked” i.e. when not using rig tubing or leadcore. Primarily designed for use with zig rigs when using a lead clip, these “naked” tail rubbers will help avoid tangles associated with this type of fishing.
Colours: Weed/Silt and Clay/Gravel


Korda Maggot Klip

It is finished with an anti-glare coating, and there are 10 in a pack.


Korda Line Saver Bead


This clever bead is aimed specifically at anglers who are fishing naked chod rigs and has been designed to protect your line during the fight. The Liner Saver Bead is made from tungsten impregnated rubber, to ensure it sits flush to the lakebed, and is designed to be used as the bead closest to your lead when using a naked chod.