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Sleeves, Bits & Tubing

Use latest from brands like Kords, Nash, Ridgemonkey, Trakker to edhance your rig. Guaranteed the best service and shopping experience with Angling4Less.

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Thinking Anglers 5mm Rubber Crok Beads


These 5mm x 3mm Rubber Crook Beads fit snuggly onto the crook of a Size 11 PTFE Quick Change Swivel.


Avid Sinking Rig Tube


This sinking rig tube is easy to thread and offers excellent anti-tangle properties for venues where leaders are banned.


Avid Naked Safety Beads


This two-part bead is designed to be used when fishing with the naked Chod rig.


Avid Naked Chod Beads


These Outline Chod Beads are perfect for use on naked setups when using a Chod rig or helicopter directly on your main line, or a fluorocarbon leader.


Avid Leadcore Chod Beads


These Outline Chod beads are perfect for use on lead core and unleaded leaders when setting up the Chod rig or a helicopter presentation


Avid Chod Buffers


Can also be used a sa buffer bead when using simple running rigs


Avid Heli Buffer


Has a tapered section to accept Ring Swivels, so you play carp against the Heli Buffer during the fight.


Avid X-Grip Tail Rubbers


Compatible with Avid QC and Ringed Lead Clips.


Avid D-rig Kickers

The Ronnie rig is a super effective and efficient pop-up and wafter rig, while the D-Rig undoubtedly is among the most popular wafter style presentations. Available in Small and Large Size


Avid Ronnie Sleeves

Quick and easy to attach, making it super convenient. Available in Small and Large Size


Avid Micro Anti Tangle Sleeves


Perfect for use with QC Bag Stems, QC Lead Clips & all QC Metalware.


Avid XL Anti Tangle Sleeves


Compatible with Avid QC Lead Clips and QC Drop Off Stems.


Avid Anti Tangle Sleeves


Compatible with Avid QC Lead Clips and QC Drop Off Stems


Avid Naked Tail Rubbers


Compatible with all Avid Lead Clips.

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