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Shrink Tube

Get the hook agreesive as you want - browse different sizes and colours from your favourite brands Fox, Kords, Thinking Anglers or ESP. Guaranteed the best service and shopping experience with Angling4Less.

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Avid Shrink Tube

A camouflaged Shrink Tubing material that enables any number of rig presentations. Available in 1.6mm and 2mm version.


ESP Streamliner Rig Booms / Sleeves

The streamlined shape of the Rig Booms / Sleeves offers knot protection, reduces tangles and helps lay the hooklink out away from the lead.


ESP Silicone Tube

Silicone Tube protects, masks and streamlines knots, joints and swivels and has a multitude of carp rig uses.


ESP Heat Shrink Tube

When heated will reduce in size to half its original diameter, forming a tough protective sleeve over a range of joints.


ESP Rig Shrink Tube


Rig Shrink is a low diameter shrink tube, suitable for all the popular carp hook sizes from 2 to 10.


Trakker Shrink Tube

Take your carp fishing to new heights with this essential accessory, combining reliability, ease of use, and exceptional results.


One More Cast Vitabitz Shrink Tube Green

OMC Shrink Tube has been created to have a 3:1 ratio. Meaning it’ll Shrink down with heat to approximately one third of its original size. This gives you the ability to alter the angle of not only the hook shape, but also the exit point of the hooklink from the hook eye to help you create enhanced hooking mechanics on a variety of rigs.


Thinking Anglers Shrink Tube

TASTSB – Small Brown Shrink Tube TASTMB – Medium Brown Shrink Tube TASTSG – Small Green Shrink Tube TASTMG – Medium Green Shrink Tube


Nash Blow Back Tube

Pre-cut lengths of ultra tough tube in Diffusion camouflage with controlled grip to optimise performance of Blow Out rigs.


RidgeMonkey RM-Tec Shrink Tube

All Colors and Diameters

Min: £2.00 Max: £5.00
£2 £5