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Manufactured in Poland to the very highest standards, you only have to fish with a SALMO lure once to be convinced of how special they are. The powerful combination of experienced fish biologist designers, and some of the most demanding field testers in the world, results in a range of lures that catch when others fail. Although each Salmo lure has been designed to meet specific objectives, the unquestionable effectiveness and attraction enables many of the lures to be used for a wide variety of predators, using many different fishing techniques. If you want the best results... insist on SALMO. Each and every SALMO lure is exclusively manufactured in our own Polish factory. This enables us to strictly control the quality of each individual lure. To guarantee our lures meet the high expectations of anglers who have come to trust the quality of Salmo, every lure is individually tank tested to ensure it runs correctly through the water. We are so confident that every Salmo lure will function perfectly that we will replace any lure that does not perform correctly.

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Salmo Perch Pack Crankbait Lures


Some of our best perch-catching lures all in one pack.


Salmo Slider Jerkbait 7cm 21g

Sinking & Floating version


Salmo Hornet Plug Lure Crank Bait

Floating or Sinking; 2.5cm, 3.5cm or 4cm