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Safety Systems

Eject yout lead on the take - slection of systems to help you land safely the fish. Pick your one from brand like Ridgemonkey, Korda or Fox. Guaranteed the best service and shopping experience with Angling4Less.

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Gardner Covert Clip Kit Session Pack

The Clip Kit includes all the essential components required to construct versatile, safe, Covert Lead Clip lead arrangements.


Korda Shockleader Sleeves


The standard, hard plastic, inserts in our inline leads are fine when using them on your main line, but when using any sort of leader you will need a Shockleader Sleeve.


Korda Shock Beads


This has been designed for a multitude of uses. Its unique shape helps to prevent tangles and the cavity at the narrower end will hold a size 8 swivel securely within it.


Korda No-Trace Beads


Each pack contains: 5 x Big Eye Swivels; 5 x Shok Beads, 5 x Kwik Links, and 5 x Silicon Tubing.


Korda Run Rig Rubber

This is the perfect choice of buffer at the swivel end for any running rig, and not only does it protect the knot but it also helps to reduce tangles significantly.


Korda Running Rig


Each pack contains: 5 x Big Eye Swivels; 5 x Shok Beads, 5 x Kwik Links, and 5 x Silicon Tubing.


Korda Quick Release Lead Clip

The Quick Release Lead Clip is designed to be used in situations where you need to drop the lead as soon as the fish is hooked, such as when fishing weedy or snaggy lakes and it is imperative to do so in order to give you the best chance of landing it.


Korda Solidz Tail Rubber


These tail rubbers are specifically designed for use with PVA bags and are much longer than our standard Tail Rubber. The extra length of the Solid Bag Tail Rubber allows you to moisten and twist the top of a Solidz PVA bag around it for a neat, secure closure.


Korda Naked Tail Rubber

The perfect product to use when fishing a lead clip “naked” i.e. when not using rig tubing or leadcore. Primarily designed for use with zig rigs when using a lead clip, these “naked” tail rubbers will help avoid tangles associated with this type of fishing.
Colours: Weed/Silt and Clay/Gravel


Korda Spare Leadcore Chod Sleeve


Spare sleeves for securing No-Trace Bead.


Trakker Fused Lead Clip - Quick Change


Enhance your carp fishing experience with our Fused Lead Clip - Quick Change. Engineered for convenience and reliability, this innovative lead clip allows for swift and hassle-free rig changes. Its durable construction ensures secure attachment and reduces the risk of tangles, letting you focus on landing that prized catch.


Trakker Fused Lead Clip - Ring Swivel


Enhance your carp fishing experience with our Fused Lead Clip - Ring Swivel. Engineered for ultimate performance, this innovative tackle essential combines a durable fused lead clip with a reliable ring swivel. Designed to securely hold your leads while allowing for quick and hassle-free rig changes.


Korda Hybrid Lead Clip

Since its release, the Hybrid Lead Clip has established itself as the best clip on the market. It has one very simple purpose, and that's to help you ditch the lead if the fish you hook becomes snagged.
Available in Weedy Green, Clay, Gravel and Silt


Korda Lead Clip

Our original Lead Clip was designed to allow your lead to release in situations where you needed it to, such as if you got snagged or a fish went through thick weed.


Avid Lead Clip Tube Kit


The Lead Clip Tube Kit is made up of 3 ready to use lead clip arrangements, comprising of 75cm of Outline Sinking Rig Tube, Tail Rubber, Lead Clip & Size 8 Swivel.


Avid Lead Clip Kit