Safety Systems


Fox Camo Lead Clip Kit

Slik, Safety and Power Grip Lead Clip Kit

Korda Centre Of Gravity Lead System Kits

Flat pear or Distance

Korda Heli Safe Lead Release System

Brown or Green

Korda Heli-Safe Tubing Kit

Brown or Green

Korda Lead Clip Action Pack

Clay/ Gravel / Silt or Weed

Korda Quick Change Hybrid Lead Clip & Hybrid Tail Rubber

Weed/Silt or Gravel/Clay

Korda Safe Zone Lead Clip & Tail Rubber

Gravel, Silt, Clay or Weed

Nash Lead Clip Pack

D-Cam or Dark Silt

Thinking Anglers Leadcore 5mm Safety Top Beads

TALSTB5 – 5mm Leadcore Safety Top Beads Tungsten