Ridgemonkey Hunter 750 Bait Boat

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The Hunter 750 is light in weight at just 2.5kg including two lithium polymer batteries, and its compact design is
ideally suited for all anglers, though it really comes into its own when looking to drop a rig and bait in some of
those harder to reach places, for anglers who fish short sessions on a multitude of waters, from canals to inland
seas. Or even those who may want to use a bait boat but decide against it due to having to walk a long way with
their gear. The small size and low weight of the Hunter 750 mean that it is not only easy to transport, but it’s
equally as simple to deploy.
It’s the first ever fully top-loading bait boat too, this industry first means that there’s no longer any need to
fiddle around underneath and insert your baited rig into the hopper from below, thanks to the clever design of
the bait delivery system, which can accommodate upto 1kg of bait. The super-quiet twin motors feature built-in
weed guards, while the sleek design ensures it cuts through the water with ease and the built-in lights to
the front and rear make for an easy approach, delivery and return from your spots at night.
Thanks to a built-in, highly visible battery power meter you’ll never be unsure as to how much power you have
left. Two lithium polymer batteries are supplied as standard, and another industry first is the ability to
charge the bespoke RidgeMonkey batteries via USB-C and have an average charging time of 2.5hrs per battery
from drained to fully charged. Being charged via USB-C means that you can use our Vault Power Packs to
recharge while on the bank.
The single-handed IP55 water and dust resistant remote means that you no longer have to worry about leaving
your handset out on those wet nights and you have no need to worry about condensation either. The remote
has been ergonomically designed with its rubberised grip, also featuring an easy-to-use thumbstick and
boasting just 3 buttons, making it extremely simple in use. The remote is charged via USB-C, has an LED power
meter and has been tested up to a range of 200m, while it is antenna-less as standard. Supplied with a carry bag.

Boat Features:
• Compact aerodynamic design
• Lightweight
• Top-loading hopper for both rig and bait (industry first)
• Ultra-quiet twin motors
• Built-in propeller weed guard
• Front and rear lights
• Battery power meter
• Two 5,000mAh 30W lithium polymer batteries supplied
• Supplied with 30W type C PD plug and USB-C PD charging cable

Technical Specification:
Bait capacity: 1kg
Run Time (at max speed): 4hrs
Range: 200m
Dimensions: 410mm(L) x 265mm(W) x 155mm(H)

Remote Features:
• Antenna-less
• IP55 water and dust resistant
• Ergonomic design
• Rubberised grip
• Easy to manoeuvre thumbstick
• Tested range to 200m
• Internal battery
• LED power meter
• USB-C rechargeable

Ridgemonkey Hunter 750 Bait Boat Batteries
Ridgemonkey Hunter 750 Bait Boat Mains Charger

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