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Just as primates formed a fundamental role within the history of our evolution, it is true that RidgeMonkey has played an inaugural part in the evolution of the carp fishing world and all this in under just five years!Formed in early 2014, RidgeMonkey® is a think tank of like-minded anglers, striving to bring to market a range of thoughtful products that make a difference. In a short time the company has grown from a single idea to a multichannel retailer, selling a top quality and fully encompassing range of terminal tackle, mainlines, powerpacks, gadgets, gizmos and everything in between allowing the everyday angler to take their fishing to the very next level, and more importantly at a competitive price. Regardless of whether RidgeMonkey is developing an existing idea or innovating a completely new one, all products go through a rigorous testing stage and nothing is ever released until it’s 100% right. In the rare instance of a product which hasn’t quite met the expected standards, customer care is paramount and the brand will do everything possible to provide a solution, along with rigorous ongoing quality control measures.The RidgeMonkey® team is always keen to listen to feedback from the angler out on the bank and take it very seriously when looking to further improve existing items or even when relaying new concepts. The core team is always striving to improve products and service to you, the customer.Catering for everyone from complete novices to experienced carp anglers, specimen anglers or outdoor enthusiast alike, RidgeMonkey aims to be at the forefront of innovation and development for many years to come. The brand has plenty of new products in the pipeline which can only be described as game changers, and RidgeMonkey is certain these will find a place in all carp anglers’ armouries. With a consultancy and testing team that stretches the length and breadth of Europe and beyond, covering all aspects of coarse fishing, there has never been a better time to invest in RidgeMonkey branded products – the choice of champions.

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RidgeMonkey Grilla BBQ Hotplate


The dual cooking surfaces of both a flat hotplate and griddle bars offers versatility. The benefit of even heat distribution simplifies cooking by eradicating “hot spots” and the burning of food often caused by the open flames of a BBQ

£23.99 £21.49

RidgeMonkey Cozee Bucket Seat


Only Bucket Seat. Bucket is not icluded


RidgeMonkey Modular Hook Bait Pots in Camo


RidgeMonkey Modular Hookbait Pots are both stylish and convenient. Load up your essentials, whether that be pop-ups, wafters, bottom baits or plastics, and simply put them in your pots, stack them, and screw them together.


Ridgemonkey CoolaBox Compact 25


The CoolaBox Compact 25 is perfect for keeping your food and drinks cold whilst enjoying the great outdoors.

£77.99 £62.99

RidgeMonkey Marka Float

Balsa body provides superior buoyancy


RidgeMonkey Marka Float Kit

Balsa body provides superior buoyancy


RidgeMonkey MonoCast Mono 1000m Main Line

Available in 0.30mm (12lb/5.4kg), 0.35mm (15lb/6.8kg) and 0.40mm (20lb/9.1kg)


RidgeMonkey Vault 45W USB-C Power Delivery AC Mains Adaptor

Output: DC 5V 3A, DC 9V 3A, DC 15V 3A, DC 20V 2.25A


Ridgmonkey Quad Stove Pro - Single Stove


Folded: 130mm x 130mm x 70mm
Fully extended: 180mm x 180mm x 105mm

£75.99 £69.99

Ridgemonkey Quad Connect Stove Pro Full Kit


Folded: 130mm x 130mm x 130mm
Fully extended: 180mm x 180mm x 105mm


Ridgmonkey Quad Stove Pro Mini - Single Stove


Folded: 90mm x 90mm x 75mm Fully extended: 125mm x 125mm x 85mm

£64.99 £59.99

RidgeMonkey Connect Pan & Griddle XXL Granite Edition


330mm (485mm with handles) x 265mm x 80mm


RidgeMonkey Connect Combi & Steamer XXL Granite Edition


300mm (440mm including handles) x 255mm x 70mm


RidgeMonkey Connect Deep Pan & Griddle XL Granite Edition


235mm (350mm with handles) x 205mm x 135mm


RidgeMonkey Connect Deep Pan & Griddle Granite Edition


180mm (295mm with handles) x 155mm x 100mm