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PVA bags or mesh - both a tested and proven over the year with great results. Choose between quick melt for cold tempretures, or slow melt for summer months.

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One More Cast Chop Stix PVA Refill

Made to be used with the OMC FADE CHOPSTIX system or other large 37mm width PVA Mesh Systems.


One More Cast Chop Stix PVA System


5 Metres of premium Large 37mm diameter Mini-Mesh PVA included.


Korda PVA Woven Tape 5m


This woven PVA tape has a coarse texture, which helps it to grip baits and prevent them from moving during the cast. That means that you can space them out on the stringer and know that they will stay in place and leave a gap so that the PVA can melt quickly once submerged.


Korda PVA String 15m


Traditional PVA string which is ideal for adding stringers to your rigs. It is very strong, so will take the impact of a hard cast, and as long as you leave a gap between your baits, it will melt quickly once in the water.


Trakker Solid PVA Bags

Designed for anglers seeking reliable bait delivery, our Solid PVA Bags excel in precision and durability. Crafted to securely encase your bait, these specialized bags ensure an enticing presentation every time.


Trakker PVA Tape 20m


Enhance your carp fishing experience with our high-quality PVA Tape. Designed specifically for carp anglers, our PVA Tape offers excellent water-solubility and strength, allowing you to create effective bait presentations with ease.


Trakker PVA String 20m


Introducing our specialized PVA String, specifically designed to elevate your carp fishing experience. Crafted with utmost precision, our PVA String is engineered to meet the demands of dedicated anglers.


ESP PVA Mesh Refills

PVA Mesh Refills come in two sizes 20-25mm and 32mm and are designed to fit directly onto the tubes supplied in the PVA Kits.


ESP PVA Mesh Kit

20mm PVA Mesh Kits are ideal for producing dynamite style sticks to be placed onto the hook before casting.
25mm PVA Mesh Kits are ideal for producing dynamite sticks and bags of pellets, crushed boilies etc.
The larger diameter 32mm material is designed for making up less compacted, rounded bags of bait.



PVA Bags are available in a wide range of sizes in both plain and perforated.


ESP PVA String


PVA String is ideal for making stringers of boilies.




PVA Tape has a consistent film thickness and strength and dissolves quickly leaving no chemical residue or taint.


Trakker PVA Mesh System

Experience the ultimate fishing advantage with our advanced PVA Mesh Systems. Specifically designed for anglers seeking precision and efficiency, our PVA Mesh Systems revolutionize bait presentation.


Trakker PVA Mesh System Refills

Designed for avid anglers, these refills are crafted with high-quality PVA mesh, ensuring excellent water-solubility and reliable bait dispersion.


One More Cast Fade PVA Tape

Fade PVA Tape, is made with latest and finest PVA available.


One More Cast Fade PVA Solid Bags

One More Cast FADE Solid PVA Bags have been carefully chosen for their incredible composition and strength.