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CATCHING CARP IS MUCH MORE THAN JUST FISHING, IT'S A STATE OF MIND And that state of mind requires patience, attention to detail, dedication and being somewhat of a perfectionist – which all happen to also be traits of the team at Prologic. We live and breathe carp fishing as much as our customers and we are totally dedicated to help them in their pursuit of catching Europe’s most popular freshwater fish. Whether you are targeting your first ever carp, a specific and famous fish, or a new personal best, Prologic is your one-stop shop to equip yourself with high-quality, well-designed fishing tackle that will last you a lifetime of memories. Our fanatical team spends many hours on the bank, coming up with new ideas to make the Prologic range even more complete and also ways in which it can improve existing products to ensure you enjoy some unforgettable carp fishing adventures. Perhaps the most significant introduction to the Prologic family this year is that of premium quality carp fishing reels – a long-awaited introduction with unique features that mean you can complete the circle with your Prologic gear. While this is the headline act, there is plenty more of new and exciting Prologic product launches this year besides that. We have expanded our range of bivvies, luggage, carp care products and bankware – all designed to work in harmony together to ensure you create special carp fishing memories every time you are on the bank. One of our main goals with every product we make under the Prologic name is to inspire. So much so, that several of our ranges are named after that very word. Carp fishing culture is in our blood, and we want to share that passion with everyone – whether it’s seasoned, lifelong carpers or those thinking about giving it a go for the first time – Prologic is designed for inspiring times.

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Prologic Avenger Relax Camo Chair


With Armrests & cover


Prologic Avenger 65 Brolly System


Hydrostatic head of 10,000mm


Prologic Element Compact Barrow


Carp Fishing Wheelbarrow


ProLogic C-Series 4+1+1 Alarm Set


Red Green Yellow Blue LED


ProLogic C-Series 3+1+1 Alarm Set


Red Green Yellow LED

£99.99 £74.99

ProLogic C-Series 3+1+1 Alarm Blue Set



£99.99 £74.99

Prologic C-SERIES Wireless Alarm 2 Rod Set


Red/Green LED

£79.99 £65.99

ProLogic C-Series Wireless Alarm 2+1+1 Rod Set



£79.99 £61.99

ProLogic Inspire Unhooking Mat

Medium or Large Size


Prologic Avenger 2 Man Bivvy & Overwrap


Including Overwrap