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Other Terminal Tackle

Terminal tackle is the business end of fishing – other than bait it’s the only part of your tackle that comes into contact with the fish. We’re constantly updating our stock to make sure we’re bringing you only the best the industry has to offer, so make sure you check back regularly to see what’s new in our terminal tackle range.

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Nash Claw Cracker Bait Protector

Available in two sizes. 3 per packet.

£4.99 £3.74

Gardner Covert Rig Rings

These Rig Rings are integral to a wide range of advanced rig applications and can be used to mount baits on D-Rigs or slid onto the hook shank.


Gardner Covert Swivel Bait Screws

Gardner Covert Swivel Bait Screws are an awesome alternative to the original Covert Flexi Bait Screws.


Gardner Covert Maggot Clips

Gardner Maggot Clips are the fastest, easiest way of mounting bunches of maggots on a variety of rigs.


Gardner Bait Floss


Supplied on a 50m spool.


Korda RigSafes Pins

The Micro Ring Swivel comes in two different sizes and is the perfect choice for any rig where your hook bait is sliding on the hook shank, as it is very neat whilst still giving plenty of freedom of movement.


Korda Maggot Klip

It is finished with an anti-glare coating, and there are 10 in a pack.


Korda Marker Elastic


Marker elastic will aid with accurate casting/Won't damage your line/Easy to remove/Supplied on a 6m spool


Korda Line Saver Bead


This clever bead is aimed specifically at anglers who are fishing naked chod rigs and has been designed to protect your line during the fight. The Liner Saver Bead is made from tungsten impregnated rubber, to ensure it sits flush to the lakebed, and is designed to be used as the bead closest to your lead when using a naked chod.


Trakker Bait Floss 20m


Experience the ultimate advantage in carp fishing with our revolutionary Bait Floss. Engineered to perfection, our Bait Floss is the game-changer you've been waiting for.

£3.79 £2.84

One More Cast Get Flossed Bait Floss


Stainless steel re-usable tin with built in cutter.


Thinking Anglers Bait Floss


Thinking Anglers Bait Floss is a low stretch/ high wax floss that’s ideal for tying/looping hook baits on. Attaching hookbaits retains almost any pop-up hook bait’s buoyancy for longer periods.


ESP Super Floss 50m


Super Floss is used to tie on hookbaits such as pop-up securely without cutting in.


ESP Marker Gum - Orange


Marker Gum is the perfect material for tying stop knots on monofilament and braided main lines to maintain consistent accuracy when clipping up and casting to baited spots and features.


Korda Hook Klip Medium


Come supplied in packs of 10.