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One More Cast OMC

WE ARE LIVE! Ladies and gents, every step we take forward feels like progress, as it should.
So we’re really pleased to see our online shop/website up and running. Now we just need to keep grafting to bring you excellent products to enjoy throughout your angling and outdoor pursuits. Of course we would love to click our fingers and see our 200+ items under development sitting online and in stores, but that wouldn’t do us or the products any justice at all.
Our pledge to you is to only release products when they’ve been extensively tested and we’re super happy that they’re as good as we can make them. That’s why I’m really happy to see OMC launch with The Rig Ready which you’ll see elsewhere on this online portal. Not only does the product tick one of my own personal boxes of saving you lots of time and making you more efficient…it also has a beautiful story! It wasn’t our idea, the invention landed in my inbox during June. Ben and Brook the inventors had done so much great work and I totally loved the idea. So it’s a real privilege to help them realise their dreams with the product. It’s a real problem solver and a product that has melted straight into my armoury.
The passion from Ben and Brook for their product oozes out every time you speak to them, and as soon as I used it for the first time I knew why it would become a must have for so many anglers. Watch the videos about it and study the photos. If you’re serious about your carp fishing, you’ll want The Rig Ready in your game. Not only am I pleased The Rig Ready Boys (as I’ve affectionately called them) wanted to work with OMC, I also like what this particular launch stands for.
As a brand we want to work with innovators & companies that have the idea and product, but don’t have the resource to bring it to market. We’re here to listen. I try to personally view as many of the emails to so if you have something you believe anglers and outdoor lovers will love, then we want to hear from you.
So, there you have it, our first offering has landed with the rest in the pipeline of development. Thank you so much for your ongoing support, the team are working so hard and I hope we can reward your loyalty with lots of great products in the future to validate the media content you see on TV and social media.

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One More Cast Splash Bucket

Available in 5 & 10 Litre options


One More Cast Chop Stix PVA Refill

Made to be used with the OMC FADE CHOPSTIX system or other large 37mm width PVA Mesh Systems.


One More Cast Chop Stix PVA System


5 Metres of premium Large 37mm diameter Mini-Mesh PVA included.


One More Cast Tweakers Bait Blobs

Do it better, do it smarter. The Tweakers range is all about evolving ideas to improve your performance.


One More Cast Get Flossed Bait Floss


Stainless steel re-usable tin with built in cutter.


One More Cast Sunnys Skizzas Scissors


We’re proud to say these aren’t just another pair of scissors!


One More Cast The Lock Hook

A Dream Hook! A project of passion to innovate what we felt IS the perfect hook for so many situations! Coupled with a love for fish care and underwater physics


One More Cast Vitabitz 3mm Silicon Sleeve


Helps to tidy up the appearance of your rigs


One More Cast Vitabitz Safety Sleeve/Run Rig System


When the final pieces are needed to complete the ultimate jigsaw.


One More Cast Dazzlers Dog Bone Sinkers

The Dazzlers range is all about the intricate details that transform the ordinary to brilliant


One More Cast Dazzlers Long distance hookbead

The Cornaliner Aligner is made for yellow hookbait lovers, bringing even more attraction


One More Cast Vitabitz Shrink Tube Green

OMC Shrink Tube has been created to have a 3:1 ratio. Meaning it’ll Shrink down with heat to approximately one third of its original size. This gives you the ability to alter the angle of not only the hook shape, but also the exit point of the hooklink from the hook eye to help you create enhanced hooking mechanics on a variety of rigs.


One More Cast Vitabitz Silicone Hook Tubing 1m


Simply Silicone is the perfect Hook Silicone Sleeve to refine a Hair Rig Presentation. Hook Silicone allows you to change the position that the hair exits the Hook Shank based on the buoyancy of your Hookbait. This can be threaded onto your Hooklink prior to tying your Rig up.