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Nytro Fishing

A trademark of Sonik Sports Ltd (est. 2008), Nytro is a newer brand in the fishing industry. Nytro’s primary focus is developing products for feeder fishing on commercials and natural venues. For 2023, Nytro Fishing plans to reel in a wave of innovative fishing accessories, masterfully crafted by their passionate angler team. Make sure you have your tackle box ready for an exciting catch of groundbreaking products!

This performance-first fishing manufacturer covers some of the most popular angling methods such as coarse fishing, match fishing, feeder fishing and commercial.

Nytro is a new brand which has been designed by anglers for anglers, with the emphasis on delivering total consumer satisfaction. Whether that is on price, looks or performance, you can be confident a NYTRO product offers the best value money can buy.
Our primary focus for 2023 is around Feeder fishing on commercials and natural venues. Because we focus primarily on rod & reel fishing on commercials we have also included some pellet waggler rods in the key commercial range.

Besides rods and reels we have also developed several key items associated with feeder and commercial style fishing, such as match luggage, EVA storage solutions, braid and mono lines, brollies, seat boxes and a feeder chair. In addition, we also offer the angler a wide choice of landing nets, landing net handles, a range of keep nets and some stylish match wear.

For 2023 and beyond we have lots of new products in the pipeline. We are working hard on developing a range of accessories designed and developed with innovation by our team of committed anglers.

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Nytro Sublime Bait Bag Luggage Carryalls

Sublime Bait Bags are designed in a rectangular shape, so they fit well on a trolley.


Nytro Sublime Rod Holdalls

These hard-shell holdalls come in three different lengths and are designed to hold two, four and six made up ready rods. The central divider keeps the reel apart and protected to avoid any damage during stow-away and transport.


Nytro Starkx Eva Live Bait Ventilation Bowls

These waterproof Live Bait Ventilation bowls come with an ultra-fine mesh in the lid for fresh storage of worms and maggots.


Nytro Starkx Eva Accessory & Bits Zip-Up Cases

These very handy waterproof Starkx Bait & Accessory Containers also come as spares so you can pre-pack your gear depending on where you fish next. We could not make it much easier for you!


Nytro Starkx Eva Bait & Accessory Containers

These very handy waterproof Starkx Bait & Accessory Containers (as packed inside the Systems Trays), also come as spares, so you can pre-pack your gear depending on where you fish.


Nytro Starkx Eva Square Accessory Zip-Up Case

The ideal storage case for a wide range of accessories and feeders. Available in three sizes. Featuring a clear view lid.


Sonik Nytro Starkx EVA Bait Bowls

The Starx waterproof Accessory & Bait Bowl comes in three popular sizes. They are very practical for holding a large amount of ground bait, pellets or other loose feed items.