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Complete sets, or sinle needles - boilie needle, lip close, braid needle, splicing or mini stick needles. Guaranteed the best service and shopping experience with Angling4Less.

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Gardner Peel & Pull Stripper Tool


This handy gadget doubles as a skinned hooklink stripper and knot puller. It easily removes the outer coating of the Gardner ‘Skins’ range (and all other coated hooklinks).


Gardner Nut Drill


This is the perfect tool for drilling holes in hard, brittle baits such as nuts, dry mixers and large pellets.


Gardner Mini Hair Needle


A finer gauge version of the original Gardner Hair Needle.


Gardner Leadcore Needle with Handle


Fine gauge gate latch needle specifically designed for splicing leadcore and leadfree, but it is also ideal for piercing small, delicate hook baits.


Gardner Hair Needle


The original concept needle but with an improved handle.


Gardner Stringer Needle - Hard Bait


Penetrate the baits other stringer needles cannot cope with!


Gardner Gate Latch Needle


Superb for use with all general carp baits but also great for threading short PVA mesh bags and sticks onto hooklinks.


Gardner Fine Bait Needle


An extra slim, low profile baiting needle. Ideal for use with small soft boilies and particle hook baits.


Gardner Braided Hair Needle


The original ‘braid friendly’ crochet type needle.


Avid Titanium Retracta Tool Storage Case


The embossed case makes it easy to identify where your individual tools are stored.


Avid Titanium Retracta Splicing Needle


This needle is great for neatly splicing loops into leadcore or unleaded materials. It can also be used as a baiting needle when hair rigging small, soft baits without splitting or tearing.


Avid Titanium Retracta Bait Drill


Featuring a hardwearing fine drill, this tool is perfect for drilling nuts and hard baits.


Avid Titanium Retracta Hard Bait Hair Needle


Featuring a safety barbed needle and a strong shaft, this tool is perfect for hair rigging larger boilies and hardened hookbaits.


Avid Titanium Retracta Hair Needle


Featuring a safety barbed needle and a fine shaft, this tool is perfect for hair rigging small boilies and particle baits.


Avid Titanium Retracta Gated Needle


Featuring a versatile fine gated needle, this tool is ideal for hair rigging, threading hooklinks and pulling hooklinks through small PVA bags.


Avid Retracta Tool Set


The Retracta Tool Set comes complete with all 5 Retracta baiting tools in a super compact hard case.