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Born in Rayleigh, Essex in 1955, Kevin Nash was at the heart of carp fishing and by 1978 he'd set up his own company called Happy Hooker Tackle selling carp sacks. In 1984 he changed the name to Kevin Nash Tackle and in 2004 it was switched to Nash Tackle. The orignal innovators, Nash Tackle have offered a comprehensive range of Carp fishing Tackle since their inception. Fronted by Alan Blair and Kevin Nash, Nash Tackle lead from the front when it comes to prodict development and innovation.

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Nash Indulgence HD40 8 Leg Sleep System Camo


Available in Standard & Wide


Nash Armourline Super Strong Mono Green 1000m

An extra tough sinking monofilament that combines high knot strength and abrasion resistance with smooth casting, Armourline is a mono designed to take anywhere in the world - the equal of the most extreme environments and prioritising strength to ensure hooked carp are landed.


Nash Skyline Mono UV Yellow 1000m

An extreme casting monofilament, designed for anglers fishing to the limits where every yard can make the difference between success and failure. Perfect for both competition work and venues where casting ability cannot be substituted with boats.


Nash Highline Extra Supple Braid Green

The ultimate mainline choice where enhanced casting range and accuracy are the factors that determine success, Highline is an ultra low diameter 8 strand construction braid that retains a round profile for slick casting and superb performance on and off the spool.


Nash Baseline Sinking Braid UV Yellow

Bringing the advances of braided line manufacture driven by the lure fishing market Baseline offers a combination of properties never seen in braided mainlines for the carp market.


Nash ZT HD Waders XL Camo

Finally a wader range that accepts one size and cut does not fit all carpers.


Nash ZT HD Waders Camo

Hard wearing chest waders in heavy duty laminated PVC, now available in the classic pattern ZT camo and with the addition of the Zero Tolerance Wader Horn.


Nash Scope Ops Tip Tops Butt and Tip Connector

Nash Scope OPS Fishing Tip Tops: Ultimate Protection and Convenience for Your Rod Sections


Nash Tip Tops Butt & Tip Protectors


The proven Nash system of padded pouches for protection of rod tips and butts in transport.


Nash Tip Tops Butt and Tip Connector


Compatible with 12 and 13ft rods


Nash Spot On Dot Spod Impact



Nash Triggalink hooklink

A unique way to outsmart the most riggy carp, Triggalink is a supple braid interwoven with PVA. Triggalink becomes ‘primed’ and elasticized when it gets wet, but amazingly, once dried the hooklink reverts back to the characteristics of a normal non-stretch braid.


Nash Stealth Controller Kit

Nash Stealth Controller Fishing Float: Elevate Your Surface Fishing with Precision and Subtlety


Nash Bank Life Hot Water Bottle


A must have item for comfort in cold weather. Cold feet are a thing of the past! The compact water bottle slides into a carpy green fleece cover with a smart Nash fish embossed logo.


Nash Scope OPS Tackle Tray


EVA semi-stiff Bivvy Trays with the unique Nash camo finish. Ideal to keep all your essentials on your lap, offering a firm base for dining or support for your phones or tablets.


Nash Scope OPS Ammo Pouch

Neat, three element expanding accessory pouches with individual zipped compartments plus twin external mesh pockets.