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MOLIX is an Italian brand of professional fishing products and accessories. Molix’s headquarters is in Italy , and this is where the stages of design, development, control and marketing take place. High quality products are produced thanks to continuous research and innovative design, in order to suit the changing needs of modern fishermen. Sometimes the products are the result of inputs that we receive by our followers around the world. The insight becomes an idea, that develops with Molix’s characteristic Italian Style of the products. The idea is shaped and evolved into a project, with the flow of skills and expertise coming from people who collaborate with Molix in different part of the planet. The productions are being committed to factories based in different places , chosen based on three criteria: 1 ) guarantee of quality
2 ) correct costs, depending on the subsequent commercial supply chain and affordability of the price by the end user
3) use of labor to which rights have been guaranteed.

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