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Marker Floats & Leads

Find the features in front of you, and fish with pinpont accuracy. Discover our huge collection of products. Guaranteed the best service and shopping experience with Angling4Less.

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Korda Marker Elastic


Marker elastic will aid with accurate casting/Won't damage your line/Easy to remove/Supplied on a 6m spool


ESP Marker Gum - Orange


Marker Gum is the perfect material for tying stop knots on monofilament and braided main lines to maintain consistent accuracy when clipping up and casting to baited spots and features.


RidgeMonkey Marka Float

Balsa body provides superior buoyancy


RidgeMonkey Marka Float Kit

Balsa body provides superior buoyancy


ESP Mega pult Catapult


The Mega Pult is as the name suggests a large pouched catapult designed for feeding large quantities of boilies with tight grouping and minimum spillage.


ESP Particle Pult Catapult


The Particle Pult is designed to deliver large quantities of particle baits, pellets and boilies quickly and efficiently.


Fox Exocet Marker Float




Nash Spot On Marker Float

Available in Small and large


Korda Marker Stem


Also Available In A Kit


Korda SLR Balsa Marker Floats

Small, Large or Kit


Fox Exocet Marker Float Kit


The ultimate marker float that has been designed for casting long distances and is also incredibly buoyant too


Fox Edges Grappling Marker Leads

3oz, 4oz & 5oz - 2 per pack


Gardner Deluxe Pencil Marker Floats


Standard, Large or Twin Pack