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Mainline Baits

Mainline Baits is the biggest name in carp bait, a position it has proudly held since it was established in 1990.Mainline Baits are an Essex based company specialising in carp fishing baits of the highest quality. They are continually producing high-quality baits with the best ingredients as well as developing new products. Their entire boilie range is focused around what they call 'activators' and according to Mainline's founder, Kev Knight, contain water-activated flavours that the carp senses react to.Mainline Baits has 3 to 4 products on test at any given time with many prototypes never seeing the public eye, who would love to get their hands on those baits! I would still imagine these baits would perform to a good standard, just not to the high standard of Mainline.Whether your preference is for freezer boilies, high-impact, response boilies, pop-ups, groundbait, or stick and bag, it has the bait for you.

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