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Protect the business end of your bishing from mussels or sinked branches, and land sussefully more fish. Fuse leaders or lead free ones, pick a colour to match the bottom

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ESP Leadcore Leaders - Lead Clip Rigs

Leadcore Leader Lead Clip Rigs are strong enough to be used with P.V.A bags or the arm can be cut back to achieve easier release of the lead.


ESP Helicopter Rigs 1m Leadcore Leader

Leadcore Leader Heli-Rigs are a good all round terminal set up with excellent anti-tangle and fish safety properties.


ESP Chod Rig Leadcore 1m Leaders

ESP Chod Leaders are designed to be used in conjunction with the incredibly effective chod rig presentation.


ESP Tapered Shock Leaders


Tapered shock leaders are designed specifically for long range distance casting with big leads.


ESP Shock Leader Hi-Vis Green


Spod Leader


ESP Leadcore 7m Camo Brown


This Leadcore is supplied on a handy spool designed to fit neatly in the majority of tackle boxes.


ESP Leadcore 25m BULK weedy green


25m Bulk spools of Leadcore ideal for creating your own leaders.


Trakker Snag Leader 100m

The Snag Leader offers exceptional knot strength, allowing you to confidently battle large carp


Trakker Leadcore Leader

Leadcore Leaders ensures efficient communication and optimized workflows, fostering synergy within your team. Unlock your team's full potential with Leadcore Leaders and lead your way to success.


One More Cast Big Beast Kevlar 85lb leader


Protection, strength and in harmony with the lakebed.


One More Cast Blend Leadcore

Available in: Weed or Brown in 10m Spool


Fox Edges Naturals Braided Leader 20m

Available in 30lb, 40lb and 50lb
20m per spool


Fox Edges Naturals Leadcore 50lb

50lb breaking strain, Available in 7m and 25m


Fox Edges Naturals Submerge Lead Free Leader 10m

Lead-free, heavy sinking, leader material
Available in 30lb, 40lb and 50lb


Korda Kable Leadcore Leader Heli Safe 50cm

The Kable Heli-Safe Leadcore Leaders are available in a choice of Gravel Brown or Weed/Silt, with two per pack, and also come with: 2 x spare No-Trace Beads; 2 x Mini Heli-Safe collars; 2 x Mini Heli-Safe red springs.


One More Cast Blend Fuzed QC 40lb Leader


With its tinted colour and fused on Size 8 QC Swivel, you can use this efficiently with our Lead Clips, Run Rig System or adapt to use with Helicopter Rigs.

Min: £2.00 Max: £22.00
£2 £22