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Its not only about getting the baits, but also landing the fish safely. Light and rigid, small or large, 42", 46" or 50". Pick from your favorite brand like Solar Tackle, Fox, Korda, Sonik or Nash

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Daiwa Crosscast Landing Net & Retain Combo


The Daiwa Crosscast Landing Net And Retain Combo give you a deep 44 Inch landing net and high quality 1.8m carbon handle. With the handle featuring a built in ground spike, they're deigned to be driven into the ground to safely secure your catch for short periods of time.

£89.99 £74.99

Sonik Bank-TEK Net Float


The Bank-Tek Net Float easily fits onto a landing net handle providing extra buoyancy avoiding a sinking net while landing a fish. Elastic and Velcro attachment make it suitable for any spreader block design. There is also a reflective night sight patch and elastic loop to retain the net mesh for easy and speedy netting.


Trakker Sanctuary 42inch Landing Net Mesh


Constructed from an extra soft, fish-friendly olive mesh, the Sanctuary Spare Landing Net Mesh complements the landing nets in the Trakker fish care range but will also fit other manufacturers 42" carp landing nets too.


Trakker Sanctuary T12 Landing Net


We have painstakingly designed and constructed the newest addition to our fish care range, the Sanctuary T12, to create an easy-to-assemble carp landing net with a bespoke-quality finish.


Nash Scope Black Ops Landing Net


The Nash Scope Black Ops range stands out as the most compact and tactile option in the market. The initial release quickly gained popularity, earning praise from various carp magazines and amassing a following among 6ft fishing enthusiasts. Complemented by corresponding holdalls and carry bags, the Black Ops range not only performs exceptionally well but also exudes a stylish appearance.


Nash Scope Landing Net


The Nash Scope range has garnered widespread acclaim in carp magazines, and its popularity is easily understandable, thanks to its compact design and appealing aesthetics. However, the excellence of the Scope range goes beyond its looks; these rods are crafted with the utmost quality.


ESP Net Float Camo


Extra-long, slim float for optimum buoyancy and handle protection.


Avid Captive Net Float


The Avid Carp Captive Net Float, a simple design that fits landing net handles of all widths. Manufactured from a super buoyant black EVA material and with a net retention band that allows you to tuck the base of your net for better manoeuvrability in the water.


Avid Lok Down Landing Net Holder


Perfect if retaining slings are banned. The retaining strap gives you peace of mind that the largest of fish will remain safe whilst you ready your carp care and weighing equipment.


Trakker Sanctuary T1 Landing Net


The Sanctuary T1 has been designed to be the workhorse of the fish care range and is therefore highly robust


Korda Spring Bow Net 46in


All nets come in a heavy-duty Korda Dark Kamo sleeve which has separate pockets for both handle and the arms


Korda Spring Bow Net 42in


All nets come in a heavy-duty Korda Dark Kamo sleeve which has separate pockets for both handle and the arms


Aqua DPM Net Float