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So, how did we get here? Well, in 1993, Danny Fairbrass gave one day’s notice at NatWest and made the move from smelting leads in his kitchen, to founding the embryonic Korda Developments. This was one of the most significant moments in recent carp-fishing history.
That same year, Dan took Korda to its first carp fishing show, and made £1000 profit on the Tackle Box stand. By 1996, Danny released tail rubbers and camouflaged coated leads onto the carp fishing scene. Two years later, the lead clips were launched to high acclaim. A year later Dan launched some classic carp kit, including the Eazi-Stik, Funnelweb system and IQ hook link. Already a carp fishing legend, Damian Clarke joined the company in 2001 and the company went limited. That same year, advertising guru, John Hannent restyled the Korda logo and brand identity, creating the signature black and green colour scheme and wrapping the glasses around the O in Korda to create one of the most recognisable brands in carp fishing. 2003 was a momentous year as Dan and Damian won the British Carp Championships, the first Skyliner spods were released along with the Wide Gape and Longshank hooks and the first Underwater DVDs hit tackle shop shelves, changing carp fishing filmmaking forever.
By 2005, things had really gathered pace and Ali Hamidi joined the company to head the new marketing department. Korda’s carp-fishing influence spread abroad with the formation of Korda Europe. Ali’s influence and connections quickly bore fruit as the first Thinking Tackle carp fishing shows hit the Sky Sports screens in 2006, setting the benchmark for carp-fishing broadcasting. Our junior fish-in, Carp Academy, also kicked off; giving eager youngsters a solid grounding in carp-fishing techniques. Korda employed James Armstrong as the first angling journalist to work for a manufacturer, producing a raft of top-notch features for the dedicated carp fishing titles.
2009 saw the launch of Korda’s sister brand, Guru and the unveiling of the Krusha – one of the best-selling carp fishing products ever! Just a year later, the company outgrew its home in Romford, moving to brand-new premises in Basildon. Not long afterwards, the Kaptor range took carp hooks into uncharted territory in terms of sharpness and camouflage.
Korda took a slight change in direction in 2011, launching their first ever indicator, the Stow bobbin and Korda Kover, the industry’s first carp-fishing insurance cover. Bringing things up to date, Korda became the main sponsor of Carp Team England in 2012, heralding a new ‘professional’ era in top-level, international carp fishing. The first two issues of the groundbreaking digital magazine Thinking Tackle Digital were launched to acclaim, setting new standards for digital publishing in the carp fishing arena.
Korda’s carp anglers manufacture superior quality tackle for fellow carp fishers. In the Korda team there is serious amount of experience and if we added it up in years to create a carp fisherman, it would be one wrinkly, old chap.
There is no other carp fishing company in the industry comprising such a magnificent team of carp anglers. Even the telephone operators are dedicated carp fanatics.
We are all out fishing for carp every day; either tying up rigs for our next trip, photographing magazine contents for all the top carp fishing magazines or out in pursuit for that next monster.
Each carp fishing item has been designed for a reason, unlike many. Our ethos is that we are innovators and create to help the carp angler, not just to make sales.
With such a respected team of capable carp anglers, each product goes through a long, fieldtesting stage to iron any early teething problems. Not just Korda employees but also the Korda carp fishing team get to use it too – and with names such as Simon Scott, Darrell Peck and Gareth Fareham on board, you know that they'll perfect for the job, and ultra reliable.


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Korda Artifical Corn and Maize

Artificial hookbaits can be incredibly effective, and this Pop-Up Corn, in our Fake Food range, is a phenomenal fish catcher.


Korda Spinner Swivel Size 11

Available in Standard and XX version


Korda Spinner Ring Swivel Size 11

Available in Standard and XX version


Korda The Ronnie Sunglasses

There are 2 versions available – matt tortoiseshell with brown lenses, which is a good all-rounder and matt black with grey lens, which are great in bright conditions.


Korda SUB braid 450m Mainline

15lb/0.30mm 450m or 20lb/0.34mm 450m


Korda Compac Water Bucket


22cm x 22cm x 22cm / 8 litre capacity


Korda Compac Kamo Tote Bag


With its padded protection, multiple zip pockets, reinforced handles, durable construction, and spacious interior, it ticks all the boxes for a reliable and functional bankside accessory bag.


Korda Kable Leadcore Leader Heli Safe 50cm

The Kable Heli-Safe Leadcore Leaders are available in a choice of Gravel Brown or Weed/Silt, with two per pack, and also come with: 2 x spare No-Trace Beads; 2 x Mini Heli-Safe collars; 2 x Mini Heli-Safe red springs.


Korda Hook Klip Medium


Come supplied in packs of 10.


Korda Ultralite Joggers Olive

Sizes S - 3XL


Korda Ultralite Joggers Black

Sizes S - 3XL


Korda Compac Spool Case Dark Kamo

Narrow Dimensions: 22cm x 8.5cm x 8cm
Wide Dimensions: 25cm x 9.5cm x 8cm


Korda Compac Utility Bag Dark Kamo


Dimensions: 24cm x 24cm x 20cm


Korda Compac Tablet Bag Dark Kamo


Small Dimensions: 22cm x 16cm x 2cm
Medium Dimensions: 27cm × 21 cm x 2cm
Large Dimensions: 34cm × 26cm × 2cm


Korda Compac Scales Pouch Dark Kamo


Durable and water-resistant fabric


Korda Compac Rucksack 60 Dark Kamo


Overall dimensions: 52cm × 46cm x 32cm
Main compartment dimensions: 50cm x 28cm x 22cm