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Complete sets of Heli kits, chod systems, action pack, lead clip packs or heli safe's. Discover our huge collection of products, from top brands like Korda, Fox, Sonik, Trakker and many more. Guaranteed the best service and shopping experience with Angling4Less.

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Korda Spare Leadcore Chod Sleeve


Spare sleeves for securing No-Trace Bead.


Korda Hybrid Lead Clip

Since its release, the Hybrid Lead Clip has established itself as the best clip on the market. It has one very simple purpose, and that's to help you ditch the lead if the fish you hook becomes snagged.
Available in Weedy Green, Clay, Gravel and Silt


Korda Multi Lead Clip

Available in Weed/Silt and Gravel/Clay


Korda Kable Leadcore Leader Ring Swivel 50cm

Weed/Silt or Gravel Brown colours


Korda Kable Leadcore Leader Hybrid Lead Clip 50cm

Weed/Silt or Gravel Brown colours


ESP Tackle Case Camo

Padded zipped pouch with three internal dividers, an excellent substitute for a tackle box. Two sizes are available including large and small.


ESP Bits Bag Camo


Large capacity for efficient storage of terminal tackle, spools, PVA etc.


Korda Dark Matter Nano Tubing

Supplied in packs of 2M


Korda Tail Rubber Nano

Available in Weed, Gravel and Silt


Korda Basix Lead Clip Action Pack


Includes tubing, clips, rubbers & swivels


Korda No-Trace Naked Chod System


Includes: 3 x Chod Sleeves; 3 x Barrel Beads; and 12 x No Trace Beads


Korda No-Trace Leadcore Chod System


Includes: 8 x Chod Sleeves; 8 x Barrel Beads; and 12 x No-Trace Beads


Korda Kable Leadcore Leader Heli-Safe 1m

Brown or Green
2pcs per pack


Korda Dark Matter Lead Clip Action Pack

Gravel, Silt or Weed


Nash Tackle Naked Gripping Chod Bead Heli Kit


Each kit contains components to make three complete rigs.