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Enhance your rid hooking capability with extra weight to pin it down and rotate quicker in fish mouth. Guaranteed the best service and shopping experience with Angling4Less.

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Avid Line Droppers

Available in Standard and XL size


Avid Tungsten Rig Drops

Available in Medium and XL size


ESP Tungsten Putty 25g

Tungsten Putty provides all the key elements that make an excellent rig putty suitable for various applications.


ESP Tungsten Sinkers

A great and reusable alternative to putty


ESP Balance Beads

An alternative to Tungsten Putty


Trakker Hooklink Clinga

The Hooklink Clinga features a secure attachment mechanism, providing confidence and stability during those crucial moments


One More Cast Dazzlers Dog Bone Sinkers

The Dazzlers range is all about the intricate details that transform the ordinary to brilliant


One More Cast Vitabitz Dome Fishing Sinkers


We might be a little boring, but we're the core of every rig, often overlooked, but without us being absolutely brilliant, you would fail at the most critical time.


Fox EDGES Kwik Change Pop Up Weights - Dispenser


Quick change hooklink weight with a multitude of balancing and weighting options.


Thinking Anglers Tungsten Droppers

Standard or XL size


Thinking Anglers Round Beads Green 5mm


TARBG5 – 5mm Green


Thinking Anglers Round Beads Tungsten 5mm


TARBT5 – 5mm Tungsten


Thinking Anglers Rig Putty

Heavy, pliable putty for counterbalancing pop-ups or moulding around your line to keep it pinned down.


Korda Dark Matter Balancing Weights

0.30g,0.35g,0.40g,0.45g,0.50g or mixed

Min: £2.00 Max: £25.00
£2 £25