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ESP was launched in early 1999 and the initials literally stand for Extra Sensory Perception – or 'sixth sense'. Prior to the brand launch, various names were being kicked around and the ESP name was inspired by an off-the-cuff remark made about Terry Hearn, the brand's longtime consultant. It was suggested that he caught so many big, difficult to catch carp that he must have some sort of sixth sense or extra sensory perception - so the name stuck and ESP was born!Initially, the brand specialised in terminal tackle but has since branched out into top quality made to specification rods, clothing and luggage. Amongst the first range of terminal tackle were two hook patterns, the T-6 and the G-4, which took the carp world by storm. They were the first carp hooks to feature ultra-fine needle points which were so much sharper than anything previously available. These were designed in conjunction with Terry Hearn who recognised that an ultra-sharp hook was the most important component when it came to targeting some of the most highly pressured and rig shy big carp in the country. The legendary Stiff Rigger hook pattern quickly followed, specifically designed to be fished on Terry's hinged stiff rig, which evolved into the chod rig, presentations that are still just as deadly today. In 2001 the Big-T hook pattern was launched, this was the first mainstream carp hook to feature a super slick PTFE coating and set a standard which the rest of the industry followed. The introduction of the Cryogen hook range in 2016 set a new standard in carp hooks. Their unique twin tempering process resulted in hooks with unrivalled strength and point durability, up to 25% stronger than previous ESP hooks, without increasing wire gauge.

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ESP Camo Head Case Hat


Headcase woolly hats are a classic item of winter clothing.


ESP Camo Hoody Pullover

The perfect carp fishing hoody featuring a carpy camo and made from a heavyweight 60/40 poly cotton material.


ESP Camo Zipped Hoody

The perfect carp fishing hoody featuring a carpy camo and made from a heavyweight 60/40 poly cotton material.


ESP Camo Jumper

This years 'Fishermans Rib' jumper!


ESP Windbeater Quilted Waterproof Olive Jacket

A smart, comfortable quilted jacket that not only performs well, but also looks the part on or off the bank!

£104.95 £99.95

ESP Stash Waterproofs Hoody Olive

Dedicated winter jacket made using 5000/3000 waterproof and breathable outer shell fabric with the addition of a warm quilted layer and nylon lining.


ESP Quickdraw Camo Tackle Case


Detachable tackle / accessory case as supplied with the Quickdraw rucksack. This spare case allows anglers to use their Quickdraw rucksack for a variety of applications or venues where the tackle required might differ.


ESP Belt Bucket Camo


Large capacity of 3kg of bait for easy repetitive bulk baiting.


ESP Net Float Camo


Extra-long, slim float for optimum buoyancy and handle protection.


ESP QuickDraw Rod Sleeve

Lightweight sleeve and connected rod sock for 9ft and 10ft rods & big pit reels


ESP QuickDraw Rucksack 40L Camo


This 40L Rucksack offers the best of both worlds: exceptionally comfortable to carry, whilst inside it offers a very generous capacity to store all of your kit.


ESP Camo Reel Pouch


Look after your reels and they will look after you!


ESP Rod Socks Camo


Camo Rod socks are a simple, popular method of securing and protecting made up rods for transport.


ESP Stalker Bait Pouch Camo


Carrying up to 2kg of bait and tackle items with Velcro closure.


ESP Floater XP 12ft 2¾lb


Designed for targeting big surface feeding carp, this stepped up model provides extra power (XP) throughout the rod, a major benefit when playing fish in weedy conditions. The extra reserves of power also provide excellent casting capabilities for heavier controllers up to 80g while the tip section


ESP Onyx 12ft Spod & Marker Rod


Tested over a two year period by runs water specialist and BCAC champion Kev Hewitt who stated ‘this is the best spod rod I’ve ever used’. The high modulus blank has a progressive action with loads of long range power. Maximum compression and distance are best achieved with spods of 5 – 7oz and