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Dips, Liquids & Bait Spray

Enhance your bait with liquid food and dips. Baits come quicker with you enfuse the flavouries. Discover our huge collection of products, from top brands like Mainline, Dynamite Bait, Sticky Bait and many more. Guaranteed the best service and shopping experience with Angling4Less.

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Sticky Baits Pure Salmon Oil


Supplied from the freshest Scottish salmon, our Pure Salmon Oil is a proven fish attractor as well as an excellent energy source.


Sticky Baits Pure Squid Hydro


This Pure Squid Hydrolysate utilises whole fresh squid in its make up. Having one of densest concentrations of protein of any marine organism, with a low-fat content ensure this is one of the most nutritious and soluble liquids available.


Sticky Baits Pure Sardine Hydro


Sardines are amongst the oiliest and most nutrient rich fish that swim in our seas and as such this Pure Sardine Hydrolysate is packed full of attraction.


Sticky Baits Pure Tuna Hydro


Sourced from the rich waters of the Pacific Ocean, this pure, ultra-soluble tuna hydrolysate has an amino profile equal to the legendary L-Zero 30.


Sticky Baits Pure Calanus Hydro


Pure Calanus Hydrolysate is one of the most exciting steps forward in marine-derived protein sources in many years.


LiquiRigs Dedicated Zig Liquid

Liquizigs liquid attractants, your dedicated zig enhancing liquid


Sticky Baits Pure Liver Hydro


This pre-digested Liquid Liver is jam packed with amino acids, which are well known to trigger an instant and prolonged feeding response from a multitude of coarse fish species.


Nash Bait Mussel Blend




Nash Bait Salted Squid



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