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Deeper Sonar

  • Something SMART
    In 2012, two anglers, Aurelijus and Rolandas, were on a fishing trip in Finland. They rented a fishing boat equipped with something very new to them, a large, hard wired sonar (aka fish finder). Being their first experience using this technology, they were pleasantly surprised by the information it provided: bottom structure, water depth, fish location. This got them thinking, why can’t we get this type of technology into the hands of shore anglers…something castable, something wireless, something SMART. 
  • Deeper sonar hit the shelves in 2013
    With this idea budding in their heads, they were relentless, consulting with tech experts from university professors to agency professionals, day and night. Through their diligence, they discovered tech engineer, Donatas, simply referred to as, The Wizard. With The Wizard on board, things started moving very fast. After many prototypes, lots of field tests and a successful crowd funding campaign, the first Deeper sonar hit the shelves in 2013.
  • Always moving forward
    Today, Deeper offers a number of smart sonar models, one app, multiple fishing accessories and the bathymetry management platform, Fish Deeper™. Deeper fish finders are available in 50 countries with over 2 million Fish Deeper App downloads and a fantastic team of over 60 specialists working behind our vision and constantly striving to create the next big thing.
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Deeper Chirp+ 2 Trophy Bundle


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