Ridgemonkey Pola-Flare Seeker Sunglasses

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Featuring industry-leading, 7-layer composite lenses, these stylish yet functional sunglasses offer unrivalled protection from the
sun, whilst helping to reduce glare and minimise eye strain. The protective exterior lens layer is coated with an anti-streak and
anti-scratch coating, ensuring these glasses are durable enough to withstand the harshest of outdoors environments. With several
layers of UV-absorbent Cellulose Triacetate (TAC), they provide exceptional optical quality, along with a UV400 rating providing up
to 99% protection from harmful UV rays. The tried-and-tested Vibrant Amber tint of the polarised lenses is a firm favourite amongst
anglers for spotting fish and feature finding by significantly reducing the surface glare on water and naturally enriching colours,
providing much greater clarity of what is in front of you. The Pola-Flare range offers the perfect combination of protection, comfort
and style for any wearer.
• Stylish Polycarbonate frames
• UV400 rated to protect from 99% of UV rays
• ANSI Z80.3, EU 2016/425 and ISO 12312:1/ISO 12311 certified
• Amber tint provides the brightest field of vision and high contrast in low light
• Cellulose Triacetate (TAC) composite lens for exceptional optical clarity
• Supplied with adjustable lanyard, soft microfibre cloth and padded protective case

The sleek frame design of the Seeker sunglasses creates a
clean, sharp silhouette for a sporty-dynamic look. The robust,
profiled arms fit comfortably and securely to the wearer,
ensuring they remain firmly in place. The wide,
rectangular-shaped convex lenses offer maximum shade from
the sun, reducing glare, minimising eye strain and absorbing
harmful UV rays.

Arms: 140mm
Bridge: 12mm
Lens: 58mm (W) x 46mm (H)
Weight: 24g


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