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Depending on the situation, different types of fishing tackle can be used. Most common is the rod and reel, the rod being typically between 8 and 13 feet (4.0 m) long. However, the use of "poles" is also now widespread. Here, the line is fixed to the very tip of the rod, with no reel used.

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Korda Waterproof Socks Camouflage

They are avilable in two different sizes, for UK 7-9 or UK 10-12.


Matrix 4 Wheel Transporter Front Bag


Designed fit Matrix 4 Wheel Transporter


Korda Merino Wool Socks Olive

size:7-9 or 10-12


Daiwa 24 TDR 3012 QD Reel


At the heart of its design is the AIRDRIVE BAIL, a hollow yet robust component that reduces the reel's overall weight. This feature enhances the sensitivity and balance of the reel, allowing for more accurate casting and a smoother retrieval experience.

£309.99 £279.99

Sonik Xtractor Sling Bag


The Xtractor Sling Bag is perfect for those quick day only sessions where a small amount of kit is required. Plenty of pockets and storage options that include and an expandable side pocket to accommodate a water bottle. Perfect for the mobile angler who wants to travel light or the international traveller with multifunctional use with added security pocket.


Sonik Xtractor Bait and Tackle Bag


The Xtractor Bait & Tackle Bag is both practical and versatile and will accommodate all your bait and tackle requirements for short or long session fishing. Featuring a front zip up pocket and two side mesh pockets and made from robust HD 600D Bank-Tek camo material. Fitted with a removable shoulder strap and waterproof base.


Sonik Xtractor Rucksack


The Xtractor Rucksack is the perfect solution for the mobile angler. Its modular fold-out design allows a precision approach to storage and easy access to all your tackle.


Shimano Sedona FJ

Discover the impressive performance and outstanding quality of the Shimano Sedona FJ.

£79.99 £69.99

Vass Hybrid Thermo Boot Khaki with Black

Introducing the Vass Hybrid Thermo Boots – your ultimate solution for a winter fishing boot that combines superior warmth, lightweight design, and full insulation.

£99.98 £89.98

Avid Revive Unhooking Mat XL


Perfectly suited to those who like to be mobile without the sacrifice on protection, all self-contained within the outer shell, this mat packs away unlike no other on the market. With 2 structured sides, it offers much more peace of mind than a conventional flat mat, particularly when the ground is uneven.

£149.99 £49.99

Fox Camo Flat Matt


Packed dimensions: 70cm x 38cm x 5cm
Dimensions: 100cm x 65cm


Matrix 3.0m Carp Safe Keepnet


Dimensions 500mm x 400mm


Korda Bait Up Method Feeder

There is a rubber insert in the nose, into which a size 8 swivel fits perfectly, and a Tail Rubber makes for a neat, tangle-free finish at the other end. It is available in 50g or 35g versions.


Sonik Bank-Tek Mini Sunchair


Brought to the market by camping brands but perfected by Sonik. The Bank-Tek mini sun chair takes compact comfort to a whole new level. The mini format makes this chair perfectly portable, but it is still big enough to provide that wrap-around comfort. The added fleece pillow adds a little luxury and is ideal for taking a break after an endurance spodding session.

£84.99 £79.99

Sonik Bank-TEK Recliner Armchair


The Sonik Bank-TEK Recliner Armchair is designed to provide the utmost comfort and support for anglers during extended fishing sessions. The chair features a new rigid aluminium frame, ensuring durability and stability. Here are its key specifications


Sonik Bank-Tek Arm Chair


Introducing the Sonik Bank-Tek Armchair, a tailored solution for the session angler seeking comfort and functionality. With a medium-height back and a padded fleece pillow, it ensures added support and relaxation. The heavy-duty 600D and fleece fabric construction combines durability with a soft seating surface.

Min: £1.00 Max: £700.00
£1 £700