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Carp Porter

The Carp Porter range, British and proud of it. Each Carp Porter product is well designed, manufactured to the highest quality and tested at each stage to ensure it is the best.Why do top anglers use the Carp-Porter? When you buy a carporter you can be 100% confident. It is a tried and tested product. It has evolved over the last 20 years, but the same basic design applies to all models. A testament to the brilliant design is that the original mk2 still sells well. Other companies have tried to copy the carporter idea however there is only one barrow consistently used by the top anglers. The Carp Porter. Also many of these original barrow are still being used. When you place your heavy tackle on and lift you will be amazed how light and easy to manoeuvre it is. Good ground clearance assures that pushing through high wet grass or brambles is easy. IF YOU ARE CONSIDERING BUYING ANOTHER MAKE OF BARROW, COMPARE IT LOADED WITH OUR THEN MAKE YOUR DECISION. A WELL KNOWN ANGLER SUMMED IT UP RECENTLY. "THERE IS NO DOUBT THAT THE CARPPORTER PUTS CARRYING TACKLE INTO A NEW DIMENSION........IT IS DEAD EASY TO PUSH AND WILL COMFORTABLY NEGOTIATE SOME ROUGH TERRAIN.. BUY THE CARP PORTER FIRST AND THEN INVEST IN THE TRIPORTER WHEELS. THEY ARE ALL MADE BY HAND AND EXTREMELY MADE AT THAT. TACKLE TROLLEYS DONT COME BETTER THAN THIS."

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