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Spons, throwing stick and catapults, short or long handle - so many to choose from in our range. Discover our huge collection of products, from top brands like Korda, Fox, Sonik, Trakker and many more. Guaranteed the best service and shopping experience with Angling4Less.

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ESP Belt Bucket Camo


Large capacity of 3kg of bait for easy repetitive bulk baiting.


ESP Stalker Bait Pouch Camo


Carrying up to 2kg of bait and tackle items with Velcro closure.


Korum Compact Bait Waiter Set


The Korum Compact Bait Waiter Set a fold up bait waiter that comes supplied with bait tubs.


Korum Method Mix Bait Tub Set


The Korum Method Mix Bait Tub Set comprises of a 3 pint bait tub, compact bait scoop and bits tray.


Korum Bopper

The ultimate Bait Dropper. The Korum Bopper features a unique weighting system, where interchangeable weights can be used to adjust the diving speed and weight of the Bopper. Аvailable in standard and XLarge size.


Avid Bait Station Kit

Baiting up and Spodding can be an arduous task. However with the aid of the Bait Station, that is now a thing of the past.


ESP PVA Mesh Refills

PVA Mesh Refills come in two sizes 20-25mm and 32mm and are designed to fit directly onto the tubes supplied in the PVA Kits.


ESP PVA Mesh Kit

20mm PVA Mesh Kits are ideal for producing dynamite style sticks to be placed onto the hook before casting.
25mm PVA Mesh Kits are ideal for producing dynamite sticks and bags of pellets, crushed boilies etc.
The larger diameter 32mm material is designed for making up less compacted, rounded bags of bait.



PVA Bags are available in a wide range of sizes in both plain and perforated.


ESP Wrap sticks


A set of two stainless steel wrap sticks and three spot markers neatly packaged in a heavy-duty fabric sleeve.

£41.95 £34.95

ESP Twin Walled Latex Tube


This replacement Twin Walled Latex Tube fits all ESP catapults.


ESP PVA String


PVA String is ideal for making stringers of boilies.




PVA Tape has a consistent film thickness and strength and dissolves quickly leaving no chemical residue or taint.


ESP Marker Gum - Orange


Marker Gum is the perfect material for tying stop knots on monofilament and braided main lines to maintain consistent accuracy when clipping up and casting to baited spots and features.


Trakker PVA Mesh System

Specifically designed for anglers seeking precision and efficiency, our PVA Mesh Systems revolutionize bait presentation. The high-quality PVA Mesh allows for controlled bait dispersal, ensuring your offering is irresistible to fish.

Min: £1.00 Max: £250.00
£1 £250