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13 Fishing

13 Fishing is one of the fastest growing brands in the fishing industry today. With a relentless drive to innovate and push the limits of design, engineering and materials, this young company makes high performance rods, reels, baits and other angling gear for those unwilling to compromise on and off the water. Using modern, quality equipment leaves nothing to chance; hence, their slogan to “Make your own luck!”. Read on to learn more about this award-winning brand and why you deserve to fish with their products.13 Fishing’s roots begin in the ice fishing market, and its Tickle Stick release in 2014 sent shockwaves through the fishing industry and quickly won over legions of anglers. This event in 13 Fishing’s history is as good a place as any to begin showcasing the brand’s innovation. At a time when it seemed every ice rod company relied on spring bobbers for adding sensitivity to ultra-light and light rods, 13 Fishing bucked the trend by developing Flat Tip Blank Technology. This construction process orients the rod blank’s composite fibres linearly, giving Tickle Stick rods a flat (not round) tip that delivers off-the-charts sensitivity for detecting ascending and descending strikes. Suddenly, spring bobbers started looking out of date. In addition to being sensitive, Flat Tip Blanks are very efficient, powerful and extremely durable. The latest generation of Tickle Sticks, along with several Widow Maker rods, feature Flat Tip Technology and are some of 13 Fishing’s best sellers. Most ice anglers generically call flat tip rods “Tickle Sticks” regardless of the brand or actual product name. Kind of like how you call a paper tissue Kleenex or ice pops Popsicles. That goes to show the impact 13 Fishing has on the angling scene today. Form, fit and function are important product priorities for 13 Fishing. This is seen plain as day in the sleek, modern “13 Fish” logo and across the various product lines, including the latest rod releases. The new Envy Black bass rods, Omen Gold walleye-smallmouth crossover series and Omen panfish-trout rods feature perfectly tuned tapers for either technique-specific or all-purpose applications. Rods also feature Evolve components, premium Japanese EVA and Portuguese cork, and other high-end materials for uncompromising performance, all-day angler comfort and 13 Fishing’s trademark slick, modern styling. No detail is too small either. For example, 13 Fishing’s truly Snagless Evolve Hook Keeper is designed to do its job and secure a bait, but also eliminates any chances of keeper-related line tangles that would compromise rod performance.

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13 Fishing Churro 9cm Soft Lure Paddle Tail Shad

The Churro’s joint design gives it flutter on the pause and an easily generated tail kick. Hex-Keel body construction provides the ultimate hydrodynamic stability.

£6.99 £4.99

13 Fishing Fate V3 Casting Rod 6ft 8in 10-30g


Power: Medium Rod Action: Fast


13 FISHING Inception SLD2 Slide



£165.99 £129.99

13 Fishing Source K Spinning Reel Size 4000


HTS components make this reel light, but what really sets it apart from competitors is the smooth 6 disc drag system. The aluminum spool and 8 lbs max drag ensure this reel will hold up to the gauntlet you’re about to throw down.


13 Fishing Bubble But Soft Lure


13cm Floating

£5.99 £4.99

13 Fishing Ninja Worm Lures


14cm Floating

£5.99 £4.99

13 Fishing Vertigo Minnow Soft Lure


Perfect for Jig, Ned and Texas rig.

£5.99 £4.99

13 Fishing Soft Floating Lure My Name`s Jeff


10cm Swimbait

£5.99 £4.99

13 Fishing Wobble Craw Soft Lure 10.8 cm

Package quantity: 5 pieces


13 Fishing Fate Black Spinning Predator Rod 6ft 3-15g


Power: Light Rod Action: Fast

£80.99 £75.99

13 Fishing Fate Black Casting Predator Rod 6.6` 5-20g


Power: Medium Light Rod Action: Fast

£89.99 £79.99